Hotel Boutique Jade

In 1972 Jürgen Mormels arrived in Costa Rica on vacation. During his stay, the opportunity to manage the restaurant Le Bastille was the first step to his “Costa Rican experience”.

Mormels, of German origin and a Chef from profession, began his “career” as an independent business man with the establishment of L’Escargot, San Jose’s best restaurant at the time, followed by the opening of the London Club, another raging success, where catering service was offered for the first time on the local market. As a pioneer in the field, he has managed to succeed through consistency and excellence.

HAfter many years of heading the gastronomical industry of this country, Mormels verged into new business opportunities such as flower exportation, consulting, and the hospitality industry.

In 1995 Mormels purchased the Hotel El Conquistador, which today is our BOUTIQUE HOTEL JADE. Since then, we have positioned ourselves as one of the most successful corporate hotels on the east side of town. After numerous requests from guests and previous clients, Jürgen’s Restaurant is born in 1998 as the perfect complement to this prestigious hotel. Jürgen’s Restaurant is considered, by many, a heaven for food lovers.

Through out his adventures Jürgen Mormels has always been accompanied by his wife Hedi Mormels, and eventually his children Markus and Sandra. We invite you to come and see for your self San Jose’s best kept secret.